Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween pub crawl

004. if only alfredo deKruiff were immune to organized pub crawls – and they are available aplenty in aberystwyth: enough pubs and enough people crawling home afterhours too. for the better part of a week, a number of e-mails arrived to your deKruiff’s inbox from all sorts of university societies, inviting for ‘a great night getting drunk’, ‘vampire-night-wear-your-best-outfit’, ‘pub crawl till dawn’, ‘spooky party and a few pints’, ‘halloween with the children of mature students’.

deKruiff hates halloween.

last year, in a somewhat obscure neighbourhood of the great american plains in the true canadian north, your blogger was persuaded and did set up a rather ellaborated trick-or-treating scenario for kiddos on the beg. for older girls and young women, the favourite outfit of the year seemed to be slutty-with-a-suffix – i.e., ‘slutty witch’, ‘slutty nurse’, ‘slutty librarian’, ‘slutty prostitute’, ‘slutty mermaid’. that was then, and that was there. in aber, miniskirts are often so slutty anyway (even in low temps), that it would just be overrated. the hit-disguise of this year was the male/female pirate – yes, the pirate, the bucanneer, the corsary, the filibuster. the local store, your blogger heard, was soon depleted of accessories, which posed a problem to scores of party-goers needing to be in disguise in order to pay lower entrance fees. a sober deKruiff crawled from packed pub to packed pub with undisguised pubsters, and eventually drank one pint too many. on the way home, pirates were vomiting in every corner, wooden legs aside. a batch of guys walked down penglais road late in the night, possibly for some long gone party. they wore ripped t-shirts reading:

‘I am a pirate, Er!’

it would have been funny, if only there weren’t ten of them.

how corny.


Anonymous Voldemort said...

That's Aberystwyth, isn't it?

9:55 AM  
Blogger the hummingbird said...

well, yeah...! it is the 'aberystwyth hummingbird' *wink*

10:49 AM  

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