Sunday, October 29, 2006

poppy flower concerto

002. oh what with those aberystwyth music club’s matinée concerts… your storyteller trotted up the penglais hill rather late for a magnificent concert in the great hall of the aberystwyth arts centre, certainly it would be a memorable event. uh… no! despite the hedious pain in his calves, in the foyer not even 50 – mostly female – old rags gathered around the opportunistic christmas market, their combined ages certainly close to 3350 years. your cunning anti-hero got there just in time to line up behind all those shrunk ladies, pay his 50p for the programme to a chubby old man with a funny augusto pinochet mustache and walk into a full hall. uh… no! just under 50 older rags were already sitting inside the enormous room, their combined ages probably closer to 4000 years… some of the men actually looked like first world war veterans. ok, to be fair, there were a few young lads and lassies around the age of yours truly. looking around, your alfredo spotted some strange patterns in the diminute crowd. could it be that one of those boomerang fashion styles was back? nine ancient ladies were wearing black turtle necks and sharp red coats. albeit close-observing, this blogger could not gather beyond any doubt if they were disguised as rememberance-day-poppy-flowers or if they were indeed poppy flowers disguised as old ladies. among the sea of pish posh cardigans, a few white martha stewart ponchos (probably fake) and plenty of ugly tweed, these red-black beacons stood out like purple sheep in a green munro. in come jeremy young, a handsome and passionate finnish-looking pianist in blacks, violinist adi brett in purple-y ballerina thingies and nicholas trygstad in his cello outfit. your blogger focused on their warm welcome, despite performing to an almost empty room. clapped when all clapped, slowly and stylishly. the music, announced as haydn and brahms, was by far less exciting than their hans werner henze and frank bridge miniatures, little pearls of sneeky musical pleasure… if only yours trully hadn’t been constantly distracted by the poppy flower ladies all over the audience and this obnoxious lady-with-a-flowery-blouse on the front row, timing the pieces. timing the pieces...!! as if she was preparing the next d-day invasion. how joyfull it all must have been for her. hmpff.


Anonymous You know who - although not Voldemort, hehehe said...

You really seem to be having fun! hahahahahahahaha

10:27 AM  

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